Company Name - Natural Horsemanship
March SNGA Show. Other side of truck is full too UPDATE FROM HOUSLEY PERFORMANCE BARN IN ACTION!!!!
    Congrats to STEVE and COPPER PENNY on winning the 4D Average at the Greg Olson Memorial Barrel Race of 2014!!!! Also would like to say Congrats to ALEXIS, STEPHANIE, STEVE on the SUCCESS at SNGA this year so far. As of March, Steve and Steph are in the top 5 in there age groups and Alexis in also in the top 6 in her age group.

 Our mission in the horse world is to make a difference in how horses are treated. Is your horse happy? Do you have a good relationship with him or her? Do you want a better relationship with your horse? If the answer is yes to this last question, then your in the right spot!!!! Housley Performance Horses specializes in Natural Horsemanship and Natural Horse Care.
     Housley Performance Horses Features Steve Housley; who is one of the top Natural Horseman's on the west coast. Steve Housley takes a personal interest in every horse he has come threw training, lessons and/or in his boarding facility. Not only does he focus on the horse; He also take interest in how knowledgeable the ride/owner is in his/her horse and also what comes naturally to this rider/owner.

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