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March SNGA Show. Other side of truck is full too

Hi, everyone!

Wow!  2016 was quite a year!  Lots of achievements, goals reached and new goals set.  2016 started with my goal to bring up some new horses and sell a few.  Second and Tardy found their forever partner with John in St. George, enjoying life on the trail.  Excel (aka Axel) started under saddle and has become an awesome go-to horse.  Really rewarding to be able to breed the best of both worlds--her daddy is super laid back and her mom has fire--and then train and ride that combo.  Axel is still looking for her forever partner.  Meanwhile, she gets to be the lesson pony. 

Beginning our lives together in September, Crystal and I tied the knot with a great wedding party!  We each rode in on our favorite horse, of course!

Crystal and I ended the competitive season by winning our riding club's district High Point Man and High Point Woman.  Crystal went on to win High Point Woman in both region and state as well as totally kicking my butt this year barrel racing, finishing 2nd place in 3D with her horse, Rose.  I ended up in 7th place in 3D with Penny, 3rd in 4D with Coco, and 3rd in 5D with Angel... in Angel's first year racing!

What's in store for 2017?

We have some every exciting events happening!  Starting with a futurity horse, Ritz (owned by Kathy Myers), a young mare I just started under saddle a few weeks ago.  We also have Sam, Blue Boy, and Smokey here with us now.  Sam is one of my next SUPER horses coming up!  Talk about feeling a horse's abilities!  He is so light, yet can be cool and calm.  Blue and Smokey are just getting started this winter.

Our first major event will be the first part of the Utah Horse Trainers Challenge on January 21, 2017, at 8am at the Golden Spike Event Center.  Our barrel racing season starts the middle of February, pretty much every Wednesday night.  Our goals this year include posting our event schedule with locations for those who want to watch us compete.  We're also going to post videos of the runs Crystal and I make at every event.  Yes!  Housley Performance Horses is going to get social in 2017!  Keep watching and following us!  We appreciate all your support!

We hope you all had wonderful holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2017!!!

Steve and Crystal Housley


UPDATE FROM HOUSLEY PERFORMANCE HORSES (published 12/14/2015, 6:44:53 p.m.)

2015 has been a blur, to say the least.  From completing the move from NM and NV to Idaho, now I'm settled in Hooper and West Havcn, UT.   Currently working out of Horseman Haven North (The Allens) in Hooper UT.  I'm very GRATEFUL that Craig and Connie Allen allow me to share my vision of Natural Horsemanship out of their place.

Our horses are out on the track systems, enjoying our new northern UT home.  (Don't tell Penny about the snow -- she may protest.)

This year I also have a new horse, Angel, who was given to me by Scott of Boulder City.  While she has spent most of the summer up at the ranch in Lava Hot Springs, ID, I brought her down to my place late summer and started her rehab and building our bond and started running barrels, too. 

Penny won the Rocky Mt Barrel Horse Association 3D saddle.  Very proud of her for this.  Coco won the Rocky Mt Barrel Horse Association 4D Saddle.  They were both very consistent all year.

Will be better about keeping everyone posted and up to date.  Til next time, keep it natural.


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