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i2c-compatible serial e2prom

the aip24c16 is 16-kbit i2c-compatible serial eeprom (electrically erasable programmable memory) device. it contains a memory array of 2048 × 8bits, which is organized in 16-byte per page. the device is used in low-voltage and low-power systems.

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  • single supply voltage and high speed

    minimum operating voltage down to 1.7v

    1 mhz clock from 2.5v to 5.5v

    400khz clock from 1.7v to 2.5v

  • low power cmos technology

    read current 1.0ma, maximum

    write current 2.0ma, maximum

  • schmitt trigger, filtered inputs for noise suppression

  • sequential & random read features

  • page write modes, partial page writes allowed

  • write protect of the whole memory array

  • self-timed write cycle (5ms maximum)

  • high reliability

    endurance: > 1 million write cycles

    data retention: > 100 years

  • latch up capability: /- 200ma

  • package: dip8, sop8, tssop8

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