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bcd-to-seven-segment common cathode led decodes/drivers

the aip74hc/hct48 feature active-low outputs designed for driving common-anode leds or incandescent indicators directly. display patterns for bcd input counts above 9 are unique symbols to authenticate input conditions.

the aip74hc/hct48 incorporate automatic leading and/or trailing-edge zero-blanking control (rbi() andrbo()). lamp test (lt()) of these types may be performed at any time when thebi()/rbo() node is at a high level. the aip74hc/hct48 contain an overriding blanking input (bi()), which can be used to control the lamp intensity by pulsing or to inhibit the outputs.

  • main features product

  • product documents

  • input levels:

    for aip74hc48: cmos level

    for aip74hct48: ttl level

  • internal pull-ups eliminate need for external resistors

  • lamp-test provision

  • leading/trailing zero suppression

  • specified from -40℃ to 105℃

  • packaging information: dip16/sop16/tssop16

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