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2-bit dual supply translating transceiver;3-state

the aip74avc2t45 is a dual-bit, dual-supply transceiver that enables bidirectional level translation. it features two data input-output ports (na and nb), a direction control input (dir) and dual-supply pins (vcc(a) and vcc(b)). both vcc(a) and vcc(b) can be supplied at any voltage between 0.8v and 3.6v making the device suitable for translating between any of the low voltage nodes (0.8v, 1.2v, 1.5v, 1.8v, 2.5v and 3.3v). pins na and dir are referenced to vcc(a) and pins nb are referenced to vcc(b). a high on dir allows transmission from na to nb and a low on dir allows transmission from nb to na.

the device is fully specified for partial power-down applications using ioff. the ioff circuitry disables the output, preventing any damaging backflow current through the device when it is powered down. in suspend mode when either vcc(a) or vcc(b) are at gnd level, both a and b are in the high-impedance off-state.

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  • wide supply voltage range:

    vcc(a): 0.8v to 3.6v

    vcc(b): 0.8v to 3.6v

  • maximum data rates:

    500mbit/s (1.8v to 3.3v translation)

    320mbit/s (<1.8v to 3.3v translation)

    320mbit/s (translate to 2.5v or 1.8v)

    280mbit/s (translate to 1.5v)

    240mbit/s (translate to 1.2v)

  • suspend mode

  • inputs accept voltages up to 3.6v

  • ioff circuitry provides partial power-down mode operation

  • specified from -40℃ to 105℃

  • packaging information: tssop8/vssop8

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