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8-bit parallel-in, serial out shift register

the aip74hc/hct165 is 8-bit serial or parallel-in/serial-out shift registers. the device features a serial data input (ds), eight parallel data inputs (d0 to d7) and two complementary serial outputs (q7 andq()7). when the parallel load input (pl()) is low the data from d0 to d7 is loaded into the shift register asynchronously. whenpl() is high data enters the register serially at ds. when the clock enable input (ce()) is low data is shifted on the low-to-high transitions of the cp input. a high once() will disable the cp input. inputs are overvoltage tolerant to 15v. this enables the device to be used in high-to-low level shifting applications.

  • main features product

  • product documents

  • input levels:

    for aip74hc165: cmos level

    for aip74hct165: ttl level

  • asynchronous 8-bit parallel load

  • synchronous serial input

  • specified from -40℃ to 105℃

  • packaging information: dip16/sop16/tssop16

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